Brooke Cooks Baked Spaghetti And Mozzarella

I’ve been debating about what direction to take this blog, and I feel the calling to start including my cooking adventures. With my discovery of Pinterest I have vowed to my husband to start trying different recipes. We were getting really sick of running through the same recipes every week! My first new meal was Baked Spaghetti and Mozzarella. This was soooo good- definitely not your grandmother’s spaghetti pie! You can find the recipe HERE at Kitchen Corners. This recipe was incredibly easy, required very few ingredients, and was a familiar type of food- perfect way to start our cooking adventures! 



Debt Snowflaking Is On Hold!

Of course it would happen that as soon as we get gazelle intense about eliminating our debt that something would happen to shake that up…that’s how life works, though, right? My husband is a plumber and primarily works in new construction so there isn’t much work during the winter. Usually he’s off from January to early March. Being as it’s already March and he worked straight through the winter we thought that we dodged the bullet this year. WRONG! He was laid off last week and it could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months until there are new projects. While we are more than able to cover our expenses with his unemployment compensation, those payments don’t start for 3 weeks so we are on a spending freeze right now as we want to pull as little from savings as possible. While it kind of stinks to not be able to pay off any debt, we are absolutely having a blast with him home!

Ebay Update

These past couple weeks were a little discouraging for me on Ebay. I knew I was taking a gamble by starting my auctions at $.99, and in the past it has done me well but this week was a different story! I sold 4 items and 2 sold for $.99 and the other 2 sold for less than $2.00 each. 😦 Oh well! You live and you learn! The important thing is that those items are no longer cluttering up our house and any money is better than no money right?