Yea, Ebay!!!

I have finally jumped on the Ebay train! I am really surprised that this is the first time I have thought to sell on Ebay! I ended up donating a lot of children’s stuff right before the move, but there were a couple nicer pieces I held on to. I sold 3 items last week….and made $16.00! Yea! Obviously $16.00 isn’t enough to do much, but it made me SO happy! I currently have another 4 items listed and have bids on 2, so it looks like I’ll be making a couple dollars this week too! While the profit isn’t huge, it will definitely help with my goal of paying off our debt…just like that penny in the dryer! Suddenly, when you’re not making any money at all, even the smallest amounts earned seem HUGE 🙂



A Big Huge *Sighhhhhh* + An Update

Wellllll what a 2 weeks we have had! Our nice friend ‘Murphy’ decided to pay us 2 consecutive visits. We dealt with 2 family emergencies back to back, each having to do with mine and my husband’s mothers. Everything seems fine for the time being, but those were definitely some doosies! I spent much of the past 2 weeks with my parents so needless to say a lot got abandoned and ignored. *sighhh* Here is an update of what little I did get done.

  • Taxes– Done! I had been so nervous about these for the past few months, as our income was a lot higher than it has been in years past. I’m not exactly sure what the “magic numbers” are, so I was scared we were going to end up owing after years of returns. Thankfully, our withholdings were pretty much dead on and we ended up getting the child credits as a return, which will definitely beef up our emergency fund.
  • Debt Snowballing– I was able to snowflake $50 towards our debt repayment last week. I didn’t meet my goal, but that’s ok. I found a  birthday card (my birthday was in December :0)  with $30 in it and I found $20 folded up so teeny tiny in my purse….I have no idea why it was there! 🙂 
  • Home– All boxes are unpacked except the formal living room (still no furniture in there!) and our bedroom (still purging old clothes!). This feels really good! I have decided not to replace the stove and fridge at this time. They are in perfect working order, the only issues were that the fridge is smaller than I’d like and the stove surface isn’t in great shape- not good reasons to spend $1000+ in my opinion. Maybe those will be celebratory purchases when our debt is gone! We are, however, going to be purchasing a dishwasher this weekend. The one here doesn’t work at all and we recently received a rebate for overpayment of projected property taxes. That was money that went towards the house anyway and we weren’t expecting any of it back, so we might as well put it towards a home improvement. Any money left over from that will go toward repairing our gas fireplace and then if there is any left beyond that we will snowflake it to our debt. 
  • Kids– I am looking into homeschooling my son and daughter for preschool next year! I’m really excited about researching this, I would love to have them here at home with me and I really want to learn certain things that we think are important, yet they don’t teach at traditional school.
  • Mama Makin’ Money– I’m the child of a business man. I got my first job at 13 and worked until this year. I have a mental addiction to making money and staying home with my children isn’t going to squash that. More on what I am doing in another post 😉

Operation Unpack The Dining Room

This is my project today.  Sorry for the awful shot, my cell phone had to do since my camera is somewhere among that mess! Yes, we have been in our new house for a little over two weeks…we are very slowww at unpacking!! I want to have this room as close to completely done as possible by 3:30 because when my husband comes home we are going to reupholster my dining room chairs! Yay! Look out for my documentation of that adventure! 

Hopefully I’ll have time to give you the after pictures of the dining room tonight, and I still owe you an after shot of “taming the paper monster”. Wish me luck 🙂