I Am Taking The Debt Snowflake Challenge!


I am officially joining the Debt Snowflake Challenge created by Melissa from Mom’s Plans! Yes, my penny from this morning was my motivation! I just tallied up our consumer and education debt and the figure stands at $8,688.93- yowza! That is a lot of pennies, however, I honestly expected it to be higher as I haven’t looked closely at my student loan statements for quite some time. It is time to kick that ugly monster out! I want to be free and clear of this debt by this time next year. That gives me 52 weeks to snowflake, meaning I will have to snowflake an average of $167.09 each week. That is actually a pretty scary number, but I have faith that we really can do it. I really love Dave Ramsey, but I am veering from his approach. Just about half of our debt is from one really ugly credit card that we used for wedding expenses. The interest is absolutely¬†ridiculous and the monthly payments kill us, so that is what I will be focusing on first! Follow along as I update my progress every week!¬†


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