A Penny In The Dryer

Are you sitting there scratching your head? A penny in the dryer! That is what I found this morning as I was starting my laundry. Had this been the old ‘hurry and get your clothes, I gotta get to work!’ me I probably would have tossed the penny on top of the dryer, where it would have eventually been knocked to the floor never to be seen or thought of again. But today was different. And I don’t know why. I picked the penny up, grabbed a fancy clear beer mug, and dropped the penny inside. The sight of the mug sitting on top of the dryer with one single penny inside made me feel something unrecognizable. That small dryer change mug will become the beginning of snowflaking payments on our debt! 

And as I sit here finishing this post, I reached into my pocket and felt another single penny.

Such a small bliss.


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