Taming The Paper Monster Part 1

I am not sure when the paper monster invaded our home, but it sure feels like it happened overnight. For so long our simple one box file system worked perfectly, or maybe it just seemed perfect? We moved last month and the amount of paper that I was finding in the most random of locations was just awful. No, not just awful. It was horrifying. I’ve always been the kind of person who desperately wants to be organized. In fact, I HATE unorganized, cluttered spaces! However, between work and the kids and everything else there was just no time to be organized. Well, now that time is not an issue, I have committed to at least one organizing project a week- starting today with the paper monster. So off to Heaven on Earth…I mean Target…I went! =)

I found the most adorable file boxes ever- a nice vintage green and yellow theme. (Of course it’s Target, so I found a million other things too that I just had to have. Grr.) I have decided that mostly I need to expand our system and break it down into more specific categories. I purchased 3 file boxes- one for myself, one for my husband, and one for our home and cars. I also purchased 2 expandable files to hold my children’s important documents and one binder which will eventually become my home management system. 

With my husband home to occupy the kids, I went to town. Spread out across the floor with a large cup of coffee. Bliss. I actually managed to deal with almost every piece of paper that until then did not have a home. Pretty much all I have left to do is tackle the file box that is already full. *Pat on back

I’m going to give myself until Tuesday night to finish, so look for the final part sometime Wednesday…complete with before and after pictures! What is your best method of wrangling paper?


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