My First Freezer Cooking Hooray!

Last Wednesday I went exploring around one of my “new” grocery stores. At first I wasn’t impressed…it was dark, dirty, and not very inviting. This store happens to be a little private owned store, while what I’m used to shopping at are large chains so I’m sure that has something to do with my ‘perception’. Anyway, I noticed some stickers on the meat that I never saw at my formerly awesome chain store-  markdown stickers!!! Score! That place totally just went up a couple notches! =)

I decided to grab pretty much anything I saw that was significantly marked down- basically out of sheer excitement. I bet it showed- those poor employees probably thought I was nuts! Then the wheels really started turning…my husband would be home early that day, so I could easily prep everything for meals for the next week or so. 

On my very first attempt at freezer cooking I was able to cook and/or assemble 10 dinners! And I only had 1 freezer bag leak everywhere! Double score! =) Tossing my chopped and prepped beef stew into the crock pot this morning took all of 2 minutes….and gave me the world’s biggest smile!

I’m tellin ya, it’s the little things in life! =)

What is your favorite freezer dish?


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